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    TownleyGirl Tips — avengers

    9 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Spring with Your Daughter

    woman in field summer
    Spring feels like a lovely awakening, doesn’t it? After a long, cold winter, we all love the rebirth of all things green and flowery and feel of warm sun on our skin. And who better to celebrate these circle-of-life-highlights with than your daughter? Here are some favorite ideas for celebrating the season with your special little girl. 

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    Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with Makeup

    st patrick's day kiss
    Do you know what holiday is coming up this March 17? We’ll give you a hint: Break out the green in your wardrobe! Does your daughter’s school host a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration? Or are you going to the big parade in your city or town? We want to help you protect yourselves from the traditional pinches given to the poor suckers who aren’t clad in green. Here are five fun, simple ways to wear Saint Patrick’s green with holiday hair and makeup tricks.

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    4 Reasons Superhero Gifts Are a Good Choice for Girls

    4 Reasons Superhero Gifts Are a Good Choice for Girls
    Princesses, pink kittens, and frilly dress-up outfits are a beloved part of childhood for many girls all over the world. More and more, however, parents are realizing that stories of the damsel in distress who is saved by a prince are charming, but should only be one part of a young girl’s make-believe repertoire. Here are 4 reasons to feel good about presenting your daughter with superhero gifts this holiday season:

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