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    TownleyGirl Tips — beauty and the beast

    Here's What You Don't Know About Disney's Princesses

    Disney Princess Gifts for Girls
    Since Disney first introduced Snow White 80 years ago, the Princess craze has taken over little girls’ notebooks (and Instagram feeds) everywhere. Who doesn’t dream about tiaras, gorgeous floor-length gowns, or frozen empires at some point in their lives???  So what is the stuff of a young woman’s dreams?

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    Organization Tips for your Daughter's Play Makeup

    Organization Tips for your Daughter's Play Makeup
    When you’re looking for your favorite eye shadow palette or lip liner, where do you check first? Under your bed? Stuck under the pillow of your desk chair? At the bottom of a cubby full of Legos? No, you’re more organized than that! After all these years of wearing makeup, you surely have some kind of system to keep your makeup organized and cared for, like a makeup bag, drawer, vanity, or station in your bathroom. So why would you leave your daughter’s play makeup to fall loose under dressers, or get smashed into the carpet of her bedroom? At Townleygirl, we know makeup! So here are a few of our easy tips to help your daughter keep hers organized and well-cared for, so it will last longer and help create lifelong organization skills!

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