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    TownleyGirl Tips — Children's Cosmetics

    Kids Easter Basket Ideas

    Easter Baskets for Kids
    When I was a child, I remember my mom would always go all out for us on Easter. She’d buy my brother and I fancy outfits (hats always included!), decorate the house with adorable bunnies and chicks, and gift us with the most stellar Easter basket you could ever imagine. Our baskets were filled with everything from jellybeans, nail polish to toys we’d been begging for and more.

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    How to Create the Perfect Easter Basket For Your Daughter (Minus The Candy)

    Easter Gifts for girls
    Sick of cleaning up crushed jelly beans, Peeps, and chocolate rabbits the Easter basket reveal?

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    Easy to Cleanup Activities: Stick-On Nails and Temporary Tattoos

    Easy to Cleanup Activities for Kids

    So, you’re raising a little artist (or two, or three…), and you love the way she paints, draws, sculpts, paints her nails, and does her play makeup. The only problem is, there’s all that post-art cleanup to be done. You’re all about encouraging your kids to express themselves, but you’re not all about the mess. We get it. So, give yourself a break and your kids a blast with our ideas for mess-free body art play time.

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