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    TownleyGirl Tips — dreamworks trolls

    How to Host the BEST Trolls-Themed Slumber Party

    trolls party
    The weather is getting cooler which means playing outside will soon have to come to an end. Booo! The good thing is that means it’s time to plan some indoor playtime. One of the things I loved most growing up was slumber parties. They’re the perfect version of girls’ night in for the little loves in our lives. Whether you’ll have one, two, three guests or more, there’s definitely a bit of planning that comes into play, and the most important is always the theme.

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    School Morning Breakfasts Inspired by Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast Breakfast
    Today's moms will no doubt remember the magic of seeing Disney’s animated classic, Beauty and the Beast for the first time, and perhaps then running around the house clutching their chests singing “I want much more than this provincial life!” while pretending to be Belle. Now your daughters can fall in love with the same beautiful story and magical songs in the new live action version. There are fun ways to honor this connection. Here are some of our ideas about how to surprise your daughter (and amuse your inner kid) with these enchanting Beauty and the Beast themed breakfasts that are so quick and easy, you can pull them together on a school day.

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    Townleygirl's Easter Fashion for Your Daughter

    Easter Fashion
    Pastel blue and purple Easter eggs for the hunt, fluffy yellow chicks, fuzzy brown bunnies, white frilly dresses, shiny black patent leather shoes, pink jelly beans, and fresh green grass. These are the colors of Easter time in America. Springtime is a celebration of life and color and freshness and joy, and what better way for kids to celebrate all that fun stuff than dressing up, getting candy, and spending time with family. Plus, don’t forget all those cute Easter pictures moms and dads share on social media! We know that the details matter, so we compiled a list of our favorite safe, fun, cute, and non-toxic ways for your daughter to style and accessorize her Easter outfit this year.

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    April Fools’ Day Tricks and Treats

    April Fools’ Day Tricks and Treats
    As adults, we may not necessarily spend the last week of March fantasizing about our ingenious April Fools’ Day plans anymore, but do you know who still loves this holiday? Kids! And you get to play your part in making it a fun tradition they’ll keep looking forward to every year. So rather than the meanie kind of prank, how about showing your daughters how a light-hearted pranking can end up being a fun surprise for everyone? We’ve compiled some sassy yet sweet trick and treats to play on or with your daughter this April Fools’ Day.

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    9 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Spring with Your Daughter

    woman in field summer
    Spring feels like a lovely awakening, doesn’t it? After a long, cold winter, we all love the rebirth of all things green and flowery and feel of warm sun on our skin. And who better to celebrate these circle-of-life-highlights with than your daughter? Here are some favorite ideas for celebrating the season with your special little girl. 

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