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    TownleyGirl Tips — fun in the tub

    Play-Doh Bath Time with The Creative Heart Studio

    Play-Doh Bath Time with The Creative Heart Studio

    Who says Mondays can't be awesome? Here at TownleyGirl, we're starting the week off with FUN (in the tub)! Lilly Jimenez, expert party planner and balloon mosaic entrepreneur, of The Creative Heart Studio, created an amazing bath time set up with our Play-Doh Bath products. WE couldn't wait to share it with our readers!

    Don't you want to jump into this amazing-ness? We know we want to. 

    What Lilly had to say about her and her kids' experience with our washable, no-mess  Play-Doh Bath soap kits:

    Guilty! I'm one of those moms that cringes at the though of playdoh smudged into carpets, furniture, etc. 😬😬 BUT let me tell you about @townleygirl BATHTIME playdoh!!!! Omgggg it was AMAZING! The kids had so much fun playing with it and the clean up was sooo easy! They used the tools afterwards with regular playdoh too! 💙💚💗

    Play-Doh Bath

    Play-Doh BathPlay-Doh Bath

    See Lilly's full post here, and check out more TownleyGirl+ The Creative Heart Studio collaborations here

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