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    TownleyGirl Tips — gift

    Special and Sparkly: Mother-Daughter New Years Eve Party Hairdos

    Mother Daughter Hairdos

    We are known for helping girls perfect their dress up game. Special hair accessories can make any little girl feel like a beautiful grown-up. But what about making you beautiful, grown-up moms feel like a little kid again? Here are a few of our best ideas for special and sparkly matching mother-daughter hair styles that will be the hit of the party this New Year’s Eve.

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    3 Ways to Surprise Your Daughter This Christmas

    Gold Christmas Gift Little Girl
    Every little kid loves waking up to see that Santa has brought them exactly what they asked for. But isn’t it fun to push the envelope sometimes, and eek out just a bit more Christmas magic by introducing the element of surprise into your kiddo’s holiday gifts? Here at TownleyGirl, we have a few ideas up our sleeves to help you surprise your daughter this Christmas morning and make this the best Christmas ever!

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    7 of the Top Asked-for TownleyGirl Christmas Gifts

    7 of the Top Asked-for TownleyGirl Christmas Gifts
    Your daughter loves TownleyGirl for our adorable products and characters that make her feel grown up, but still able to indulge in playtime. You love TownleyGirl for our great prices, high quality, and safe, non-toxic products. Fill her stocking with TownleyGirl treats this year to put a smile on everyone’s face. Here are seven of our bestselling gifts:

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    Tips for Keeping Your Kids Entertained During Thanksgiving Travel

    Tips for Keeping Your Kids Entertained During Thanksgiving Holiday Travel

    We’re all thankful to have the people we care about around us this Thanksgiving — especially our sweet little girls! If you’re traveling to see out-of-town friends or family this holiday, you might be worried about all the stress that comes along when you travel with your little ones. Let us take away some of your worry with these expert tips for families on the go this holiday season.


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