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    TownleyGirl Tips — girls

    Disney Princess Party Favors + Free Printable Tags

    Disney Princess Party Favors + Free Printable Tags
    By now you all know that Twinkle Twinkle Little Party is one of our favorite party planners and content creators. She created this totally adorable Disney Princess blog post with party favor ideas! Whether you love all the princesses equally, or favor Belle or Ariel, she's got ideas to please us all. Read her blog post below!

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    How to Host the BEST Trolls-Themed Slumber Party

    trolls party
    The weather is getting cooler which means playing outside will soon have to come to an end. Booo! The good thing is that means it’s time to plan some indoor playtime. One of the things I loved most growing up was slumber parties. They’re the perfect version of girls’ night in for the little loves in our lives. Whether you’ll have one, two, three guests or more, there’s definitely a bit of planning that comes into play, and the most important is always the theme.

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