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    TownleyGirl Tips — hygiene

    Back-to-School Hairstyles with Princess Flair

    Back-to-School Hairstyles with Princess Flair
    It’s back to school time! Maybe by the end of the school year, your daughter will be rolling out of bed 15 minutes before it’s time to leave and heading off to school in a messy pony. But for now, optimistic energy, cute outfits, fresh faces, and fashion-forward hair styles are the name of the game. Your girl may still be on the little side, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to show up for school looking in-style and on-point. So how can you combine her drive to express her fashion sense with another one of her major interests — Disney princesses? Challenge accepted! Here are three back to school hair style ideas with major princess flair.

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    Three Ways to Make Bath Time Fun Again


    When your kiddos were tiny, they probably couldn’t wait to jump in the bath tub, dump in all their floating plastic toys, and splash the afternoon away. But if there’s one thing we mothers learn from raising kids, it’s that change is constant, and nothing stays the same forever (no matter how much we might want it to!). If bath time has become boring to your kids lately, it might feel more like a chore to coax them into getting clean—rather than the fun, sensory activity it used to be. But worry not, moms! These ideas can help you reclaim the fun. Here are our top three tips to make bath time fun again:

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