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    TownleyGirl Tips — lip balm

    4 Ways My Little Pony “Spark(les) Your Kids’ Creativity"

    My Little Pony
    As a little girl, talking My Little Pony with a few favorite girlfriends kicked off an instant “pretty party.” Obsessed with rainbow sparkle colors we saw on the show, we painted pastel lightning bolts on our toy Pegasus Pony wings or drew pictures of the all the characters, using nail polish, crayons or chalk to match their bold bright colors. If we were feeling especially creative, or beauty crazy, we painted pony-inspired images on own nails, or just painted them lavender to match Flutter’s long purple hair!

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    Channel Your Inner Princess with Elena of Avalor

    Disney Latina Princess Elena of Avalor
    I’ll be the first to admit that I squealed when Disney premiered its first Latina Princess, Elena of Avalor. I may have even been more excited than my little girl. I’ve always been obsessed with all things Disney, and this time they were finally giving the Latino community a princess that would reflect us. Now, I even see her as a hero worthy of being honored during Hispanic Heritage Month, and every day.

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    How to Use Emojis to Help Children Understand Emotions

    Ways to Use Emoji Treats to Help Your Daughter Express Herself
    Sometimes emotions can be pretty overwhelming, can’t they? Even as adults and mothers, who are in charge of lots of big important things (like our dear daughters’ welfare), we can sometimes find ourselves unable to hold our feelings inside, but aren’t sure about the most productive ways to express them. Now think about being a little kid with little experience in how to express yourself, and add on a small vocabulary, and the inability to understand why we can’t always have things our way. No wonder our daughters’ moods sometimes devolve into temper tantrums! That’s why finding new ways to help kids learn to express themselves can be so useful (not to mention fun).

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    Organization Tips for your Daughter's Play Makeup

    Organization Tips for your Daughter's Play Makeup
    When you’re looking for your favorite eye shadow palette or lip liner, where do you check first? Under your bed? Stuck under the pillow of your desk chair? At the bottom of a cubby full of Legos? No, you’re more organized than that! After all these years of wearing makeup, you surely have some kind of system to keep your makeup organized and cared for, like a makeup bag, drawer, vanity, or station in your bathroom. So why would you leave your daughter’s play makeup to fall loose under dressers, or get smashed into the carpet of her bedroom? At Townleygirl, we know makeup! So here are a few of our easy tips to help your daughter keep hers organized and well-cared for, so it will last longer and help create lifelong organization skills!

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