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    TownleyGirl Tips — manicure

    Teaching Your Daughter About Self-Care

    Teaching Your Daughter About Self-Care
    When your daughter was a newborn, you took care of every single one of her needs. As she grew older, she likely began to insist that she do some things for herself! Teaching them ways to take care of their own emotional and physical needs will serve them well into adulthood. Every mom knows that good hygiene, relaxation activities and healthy habits are part of staying emotionally and physically fit—something that all our girls deserve.

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    3 Bedtime Rituals for an Easy School Morning

    For many American families, school mornings are the craziest, most hectic time of the day. Who needs their hair done? Who hasn’t eaten breakfast yet? Who can’t find their shoes? Parents are always looking for new tips and tricks to simplify things for a smooth, easy morning. Here are three of our top tips to help smooth out your morning routine.

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    4 Steps to Achieving the Perfect Kids Princess Manicure

    child manicure
    So your daughter wants to paint her nails, just like the other girls in her class. Naturally, you might be nervous. Is she too young? Our little girls are growing up, but with safe manicure products from TownleyGirl made specifically for little kids, you don’t have to worry. Let your daughter choose colors from one of our Disney Princess polish sets, and follow these tips to achieving the absolute perfect princess mani.

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