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    TownleyGirl Tips — my beauty spa kit

    Mommy and Me Mani-Pedis: Take These Tips With You to the Salon

    Mommy and Me Mani-Pedis: Take These Tips With You to the Salon
    For some women and girls, going to the nail salon for your first mani-pedi is a rite of passage. While we mothers of daughters love to do fun things all together with the whole family, there is something special about sharing a private activity with just mom and daughter. When your little girl is ready to come along with you to the salon, the experience is bound to be a treat for both of you. Just to make sure things go swimmingly, follow our tips for making her first nail salon experience the absolute best.

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    3 Bedtime Rituals for an Easy School Morning

    For many American families, school mornings are the craziest, most hectic time of the day. Who needs their hair done? Who hasn’t eaten breakfast yet? Who can’t find their shoes? Parents are always looking for new tips and tricks to simplify things for a smooth, easy morning. Here are three of our top tips to help smooth out your morning routine.

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    Mani-Pedis and Bubble Baths: Help Your Girls Tame School Stress

    girl braid hairstyle at school
    She may have spent the whole summer vacation acting cool as a cucumber, content to play princess, read comics, and wear a bathing suit instead of school clothes. But now, as she hears those three little words ("Back to school"), her mind goes straight to math tests, mean girls, and how to look cool during lunch in the cafeteria. Believe it or not, being a kid can be nerve-wracking. Make sure your girl gets the encouragement and care she needs to tame school stress and face the upcoming year with confidence.

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