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    TownleyGirl Tips — parenting

    Watch TownleyGirl's First Desk-side Manicure & More BTS Fun

    Tsum Tsum Gifts for Girls

    Desk-side manicures, at your service? Yes Please. The nail market has evolved where it's more than just nail color it's all about accessorizing (3D nail art). Scroll down to learn more about this striking zing one of our staffers was blessed with. @maria_ng89 made dreams come true yesterday at TownleyGirl

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    4 Ways My Little Pony “Spark(les) Your Kids’ Creativity"

    My Little Pony
    As a little girl, talking My Little Pony with a few favorite girlfriends kicked off an instant “pretty party.” Obsessed with rainbow sparkle colors we saw on the show, we painted pastel lightning bolts on our toy Pegasus Pony wings or drew pictures of the all the characters, using nail polish, crayons or chalk to match their bold bright colors. If we were feeling especially creative, or beauty crazy, we painted pony-inspired images on own nails, or just painted them lavender to match Flutter’s long purple hair!

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    Quiz: What Emoji Best Matches Your Back-to-School Mood?

    Quiz: What Emoji Best Matches Your Back-to-School Mood?
    Every time that crisp autumn air rolls into town, most kids and parents experience one of a variety of emotional extremes. Dread, elation, excitement, apathy…no matter which side of the coin you’re on, your feelings about the back-to-school season are likely to be passionate. So where do you stand this September? Are you all smiles or full of frowns after Labor Day comes around?

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