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    TownleyGirl Tips — townleygirl tips

    #DIY: Create Your Own Back to School Bookmark-- Free Download!

    TownleyGirl DIY Bookmark
    After an eventful summer, it's time to hit the books again! Make back to school time as exciting as possible for your little one with this #DIY: Create Your Own Back to School Bookmark-- TownleyGirl style. It's the perfect activity for your little one and her friends to do in preparation for school. And with just 4 steps, it's easy!

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    My Little Pony Kidchella Party

    rainbow cookies
    Today we have partnered with Oh Happy Day to throw a My Little Pony Kidchella party! We have so many fun memories of My Little Pony from growing up, we were so excited to revisit our childhood favorites! We even included some ‘old school’ ponies at the party! With festival season is in full swing, we naturally decided to incorporate some playful nods to festival fun!

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    5 Items Every Disney Princess Fan Needs

    Disney Princess makeup
    Disney princess movies play a huge role in childhood memories since their emergence in 1937. Each Disney Princess has their own unique story of braveness, grace and positive messages that young girls can translate into their own life. In honor of their heroism we wanted to showcase five of favorite TownleyGirl items that every princess lover will adore. 

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