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    TownleyGirl Tips — valentine's day

    #TownleyGirl: Valentine's Day Gift Guide

    Kisses Valentine's Day
    It’s just a few weeks until Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air. This year, we dedicate this love fest to our girls, the little ladies in our lives who make our lives extra special. Not sure what to get her (and everyone on her list)? No fear, TownleyGirl is here! 

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    Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Favorite Little Girl

    Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Favorite Little Girl
    No matter who else in your life claims the title of “valentine,” there’s no denying the extra special connection between a mom and her daughter. What do you have planned this year to surprise your favorite little girl on Valentine’s Day? If you could use some tips, tricks, and ideas for easy gifts and activities, by all means read on for a few of our mom-approved picks!

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