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    TownleyGirl Tips

    4 Steps to Achieving the Perfect Kids Princess Manicure

    child manicure
    So your daughter wants to paint her nails, just like the other girls in her class. Naturally, you might be nervous. Is she too young? Our little girls are growing up, but with safe manicure products from TownleyGirl made specifically for little kids, you don’t have to worry. Let your daughter choose colors from one of our Disney Princess polish sets, and follow these tips to achieving the absolute perfect princess mani.

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    What Did She Say? How to Translate Your Daughter's Emoji Texts

    iphone girls hands
    Did you ever have anything like the 3,000 plus official emoji icons your daughter now routinely uses to communicate with her friends? Nope! So let’s be honest here: sometimes you might need a little help decoding these mystery messages. Here’s the definitive guide to understanding what the heck your girl means when she texts you a message with these five emojis.

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    It’s Back-to-School Time: 4 Ways to Keep Germs and Sniffles at Bay

    heart soap
    Back-to-school time is good for kids and parents alike—kids form lasting friendships and learn what the world is all about, and moms and dads have a little peace and quiet to get their work done—but it can be also be a challenge. It isn’t easy to maintain a healthy routine now that your little ones will be exposed to a whole new slew of schoolyard germs, but there are some steps you can take to protect them from illness. Follow these tips and tricks to keep your kiddos healthy throughout the upcoming school year.

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    Beyond the Messy Pony: Four Easy School-Day Hairstyles

    little girl hair braids
    Back-to-school time is here, and we all know what that means: the return of chaotic school mornings. Helping little ones get ready is hard enough without the added stress of making breakfast, packing lunches, and hunting down missing socks and shoes. In light of this madness, how often have you heaved a sleepy sigh and thrown your daughter’s tresses into a messy ponytail? Time may be at a premium on school mornings, but if you arm yourself with these fun, fashionable, and super easy style ideas, your daughter will show up to class with a hairstyle fit for a Disney princess.

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    Mani-Pedis and Bubble Baths: Help Your Girls Tame School Stress

    girl braid hairstyle at school
    She may have spent the whole summer vacation acting cool as a cucumber, content to play princess, read comics, and wear a bathing suit instead of school clothes. But now, as she hears those three little words ("Back to school"), her mind goes straight to math tests, mean girls, and how to look cool during lunch in the cafeteria. Believe it or not, being a kid can be nerve-wracking. Make sure your girl gets the encouragement and care she needs to tame school stress and face the upcoming year with confidence.

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