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    TownleyGirl Tips

    4 Fresh Updates to a Princess Party That Are So 2016

    pink princess party favors
    Little girls love princesses. Little girls love parties. Therefore, little girls love princess parties. Chances are, your daughter has been playing princess since before she could work the DVD player by herself to watch “Frozen” just one more time. So when you’re planning her birthday party this year, it may be hard to make the princess theme feel fresh. How about inviting each guest to transform herself into a princess upon her arrival at the birthday ball with the following kid-safe princess party updates?

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    Safety First: The Importance of Non-Toxic Kids Products

    Non-Toxic Kid Friendly Products

    In a world where harmful toxins and chemicals are found in everyday products, it can be tricky to make a healthy choice when it comes to purchasing cosmetics. So at TownleyGirl, we strive to create products that are wholesomely fun, non-toxic and safe.

    TownleyGirl's safe nail polish is ideal for children ages three years and older. The polish does not contain toluene or acetates, using water as a base instead. When applied, the water vapor is released in the air with no chemical fumes. This non-toxic polish is not only 100% child friendly and fun, but also mom-approved.

    Our lip balms and lip glosses are also kid-friendly and mom-approved. Kids can enjoy the diverse colors and flavors we have to offer, while moms don't have to worry-- if their children happen to mistake our lip products for edible candy, it's okay because they're totally safe to ingest! 

    It's important to us here at TownleyGirl to make sure we're only putting out the most health-conscious products we can. All of our products are inspected and approved, with no animal testing. So get your glamour on and use a TownleyGirl product-- where safety and fun combine to make awesome products!