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    TownleyGirl Tips

    Which Disney Princess Should Your Daughter be for Halloween?

    disney princesses 2016
    If your Netflix queue reads like the Disney Channel’s TV Guide lineup, then you know what it’s like to have a princess-obsessed daughter. How many times can a girl re-watch her favorite fairytale mavens find their happily-ever-afters? If this sounds like your child, then helping her dress as her favorite Disney princess this year will put a smile on her face. Use this guide to help you decide which Disney princess your daughter should be for Halloween.

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    3 Bedtime Rituals for an Easy School Morning

    For many American families, school mornings are the craziest, most hectic time of the day. Who needs their hair done? Who hasn’t eaten breakfast yet? Who can’t find their shoes? Parents are always looking for new tips and tricks to simplify things for a smooth, easy morning. Here are three of our top tips to help smooth out your morning routine.

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    4 Steps to Achieving the Perfect Kids Princess Manicure

    child manicure
    So your daughter wants to paint her nails, just like the other girls in her class. Naturally, you might be nervous. Is she too young? Our little girls are growing up, but with safe manicure products from TownleyGirl made specifically for little kids, you don’t have to worry. Let your daughter choose colors from one of our Disney Princess polish sets, and follow these tips to achieving the absolute perfect princess mani.

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    What Did She Say? How to Translate Your Daughter's Emoji Texts

    iphone girls hands
    Did you ever have anything like the 3,000 plus official emoji icons your daughter now routinely uses to communicate with her friends? Nope! So let’s be honest here: sometimes you might need a little help decoding these mystery messages. Here’s the definitive guide to understanding what the heck your girl means when she texts you a message with these five emojis.

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