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    • How do I remove this polish once it has dried, from clothes? My daughter got it all over her new Christmas present dress and didn’t tell me. I’ve had no luck in the past and this dress is very special.


      Place an ice pack on the stain to harden it. Working with wet polish will just encourage smudging and even more staining. Peel off any large flakes of dried polish, if they come away from the fabric easily – never pull or tug at the clothing. Handy hint: use tweezers to gently pick up the flakes. Soak a microfiber cloth in an acetone-based nail polish remover, and test on a hidden of the garment . Check that the solution does not discolour the fabric. Always read the care label first. Dab the back of the stain with the acetone-soaked cloth until the colour of the stain has faded. Never scrub or wipe, as you may damage the fabric. Wash as normal with your regular detergent like OMO Auto in your machine or OMO Handwash if you prefer to remove by hand any residue  left by the nail polish or the remover. Just remember to follow the instructions on the detergent’s label.